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Empowering students in software engineering research through education and practice in using Creative and Computational Thinking

Who We Are

CodeLabs is a division of digital experts. We Created an application to help the people. And we're from Universitas Komputer Indonesia.

More About Us

Our Project

What We Do

Research and Development

Each CodeLabs member conducts research according to the research field chosen at registration. This activity is supported by the research equipment provided by the university. In addition, there are mentors and seniors who can guide and help if there are obstacles.

Career Development

CodeLabs mentors provide knowledge and best practice training to CodeLabs members according to their fields of research. In addition, alumni often come as speakers to share the knowledge they get from the industry to their juniors.

Product Incubator

CodeLabs members can develop products to be commercialized or entered into a competition. The product can be an existing CodeLabs product or a new product. Product development is carried out by a team consisting of several people from various research fields.

Area Of Expertise

Area of expertise at CodeLabs includes several elements such as:

Web Development

Game Development

Android & IOS Development

UI/UX Design

Data Science

IoT Development