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Who We Are

CodeLabs is a division of digital experts. We create many applications to help people, attend software competition, spread knowledge about software development, do cooperate with many institutions to build a software. And we're from Indonesia Computer University.

What We Do

Beside do many things in education and software development area, we also like to do other things, such as: playing games, hiking, gathering, and organizing some conferences or workshops in software development area

Our Skill

Our member have different skills. It's divide into Mobile Apps Development, Web Apps Development, Games Development, and AR/VR Development.


Comrades App

Comrades is an application about health and service providers for HIV / AIDS, provide trusted information, do consultation on HIV / AIDS to people who are competent in their fields, such as doctors and specialist, and provides reminder service and also provides location information for people living with HIV.



Semi Finalist Imagine Cup 2017


Tapto is a game that can train your brain with something that called fun.

IPB Game Development 2016


Indie Pitch Fest GMASA 2017

Tanah Airku

Tanah Airku is a culture learning media that uses Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology which make it more interactive and interesting. Tanah airku has several series that is, Tanah Airku Indonesia, Tanah Airku Asia , and Tanah Airku World



IWIC 2016






Perdjoeangan Soekirman

Soekirman Struggle (GTL) is a Endless Running game, it tells about a hero that fight for his country to free the motherland from the invaders. Soekirman, the one who has the courage to fight the invaders preventing them to colonizing the motherland.


Sellution is a mobile and web application that can connect marketers with active twitter users, which is one of the world's largest social media. With features that provide a new experience in entrepreneurship, sellution could be an option to advance entrepreneurship world.



3rd Winner Jababeka ICT Expo


Play Me Congklak

Congklak is which one Indonesiaan traditional game.And now, you can play it on your Windows Mobile Device. Play this game againts AI, even with your friend. Feel the different experience play this game at the morning, afternoon and night. And don't forget to choose your avatar before playing. Be fun.



Paling Indonesia(TELKOMSEL)

Earth Savior

Earth Savior is a social media with the presence of various forms of saving the environment can be done with ease and fun. Earth Savior helps people by providing a wide range of bagde so that people can be stimulated to contribute in saving the earth



Solidare Apps

Solidare App (rename from BAA) Apps is application based on windows phone that provide donors can donate every time and everywhere easily. Let's contribute to decrease the number of out of school children with us by this application

Microsoft Imagine Cup




Hyjabs is social media application-based tutorials, it can be seen from the uniqueness of the posting which we can customize the so that can share tutorial step by step how to use veil dynamically. And the second is the Hyjabs can be used as a references media to find where is the veil that comply with Islamic teachings or (syar'i) for this feature we will be working who understand about the Islamic veil styles to verify existence. And now Hyjabs has become the software incubation, and become Startup in Bandung Digital Valley(BDV)




Adam Mukharil Bachtiar
Founder And Ceo

His passions are teaching, coding, and eating. He is product owner or scrum master in several software development activity at CodeLabs. You can look the details at Adam's LinkedIn

Mira Kania Sabariah

She helped CodeLabs initiation at the beginning. Her research area is Human-Computer Interaction.

Eko Kurniawan Khannedy

The youngest founder of Codelabs. He is a alumni from UNIKOM and his expertise is backend and scalable programing.

What We Do