This Is Us!

The talent and enthusiasm of the youth are accompanied by wise and experienced mentors. Together we shake the world!

Our History

CodeLabs was originally a student programming club in 2009 under the name UNIKOM Programming Team which aims to be a place to prepare for various IT competitions. However, with the many victories achieved, finally in 2013 UNIKOM inaugurated CodeLabs as a special division for the development of various software and applications on various platforms. At that time, CodeLabs members were guided by three Founders, namely Adam Mukharil Bachtiar as Founder and CEO who is also a UNIKOM lecturer, Mira Kania, a lecturer at Telkom University and also a reliable data mining woman, and Eko Kurniawan, UNIKOM alumni with backend expertise programming. As a special division under the auspices of the campus, of course, operational funds are borne by UNIKOM. In addition, the team also diligently participated in competitions and incubation programs to get training. From the winnings, the prizes obtained were also used for team operational funds. Not only that, Codelabs also often accepts application development projects.

Adam Mukharil Bachtiar
Eko Kurniawan
Co Founder
Mira Kania
Co Founder

CodeLabs Nowadays

After becoming an official division at UNIKOM in 2013, CodeLabs continues to grow rapidly. At present there are 40 members of CodeLabs consisting of UNIKOM students in various majors and year of entry. Until now CodeLabs has graduated more than 40 alumni who have worked in various industries in Indonesia. At present, the CodeLabs leadership structure has changed slightly because the founders no longer work at UNIKOM except Adam Mukharil Bachtiar, who until now still acts as a mentor. In addition, as an official division, CodeLabs has a chair assigned by the campus, Dian Dharmayanti.

Adam Mukharil Bachtiar
Dian Dharmayanti

What We Achieved

CodeLabs members from various generations have succeeded in creating many good quality products. This can be proven from the large number of CodeLabs products winning various competitions and many CodeLabs products used by users. CodeLabs also collaborates with other divisions at UNIKOM to build more complex products.



Collaboration Project

Our Life and Culture

Thematic Day

Every 3 pm there will be different interesting activities every day. There are many fun activities that will hone student creativity such as quizzes, game day, playground day, sport day, and many more..

Seminar and Workshop

There are a number of basic workshops that new CodeLabs members must attend. These workshops aim to equip them with basic knowledge from each field of research before they are given more advanced workshops as their specialism.

Fun Games

There are PS4, Nintendo Switch, Oculus 2, and many board games that CodeLabs members can use to release fatigue after studying.